Hashimoto Ayami

Cute 'n nerdy


Ayami is an 18 year old girl who is often, mainly for her clothes and hair, mistaken for someone younger. She has a simple, rather cheap white car, a pink smartwatch and smartphone with a case in the shape of a fox. She is barely ever seen without her phone and matching earpiece, but despite her tech addiction, has a great way of influencing others with her adorable smile! She was raised by her father alone, which turned her into a true daddy’s little girl. He made sure his girl had the best she could have. The newest, the latest. He taught her how to drive, and as a cop, made sure she knew how to protect herself with a gun. She was never very good at violence, though.

During high school, she was quickly known as the girl who would fix your phone or your laptop, the one who would hack into the school system to change your grade if she had a good reason to. She was a good girl in class, always had many friends to chat and talk to and distract her though. That, or .. she was spying on Seiichi. She developed a crush on him quickly during this time, which has quickly expanded to an undying love/fangirlism he might very well be oblivious to.


Hashimoto Ayami

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