Dean Hunt

The Best Friend.


High Concept- Athletic combat badass.
Trouble- Culture Shock.
Archetype- Best Friend.
Military Heritage.
Mecha Nerd.

Medical Exam Results:
Blood Type: A-
D.O.B: 19/12/97.
Weight: 72kg/158lbs.
Height: 5’10.
Extra Notes: Outstanding physical condition. No allergies.


Born in Nottingham 19 years ago; Dean was raised by his father- a prestigious British Royal Marines Major (when he was home, anyway) and his mother- an architect. Dean grew up to be an excellent student and a natural athlete, excelling at almost any sport he put himself to; quickly asserting himself as the best in his high school. Indeed he was on track to becoming the best in his county at not only MMA, but also rugby and badminton. His athletic success wasn’t limited purely to field sports or martial arts either, his honed speed making him an easy choice for the track sprint team.

Upon completing his A-levels with a solid set of A’s, Dean moved with his family to Toyko when his father was deployed to Japan with a company of Royal Marines as a token force from the UK to aid Japan in its troubled times. Dean himself managed to get into the University of Tokyo studying engineering whilst frantically trying to learn Japanese. Luckily he managed to get his textbooks in English. His skill in his chosen sports helped him fit in, his presence in the university rugby team especially making him popular.. Japan unfortunately isn’t known for their rugby stars for a reason.

As for his plans for the future- Dean dares to dream; his ambitious eyes fixed firmly on that which he’s obsessed with.. Mechas.

Dean Hunt

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